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Arizona’s Most Trusted Fireplace Sub-Contractor
Custom Built Fireplaces & Fire Features – Fireplace Media – Fire Inspections – Fireplace Maintenance and Repairs

What do we mean by Artistic Flames?

Why trust a trade to install your fire feature when you can have artists that will truly pay attention to every detail and ensure you get the most realistic flames!! We won’t settle for finger flames! There is so much work, science and art in making the perfect fire feature to fit your vision. Why settle, when you can be assured every detail will be done with care, flames and flare!

Be More Than Ordinary…

Do you want to be like everyone else with the same old “cookie cutter” logsets you can buy yourself online? Would you like more than just the same tired old selection on every website you go to looking for fire features? We don’t want to just be another distributor of logsets, that’s why Eiklor Flames creates its own patented logsets and burners. All of our burners can easily be customized to your tastes, unlike some of the competition. We also have the widest variety of fireplace media, media accessories and customized fire media you can’t get anywhere else!!! If you want to be more than ordinary, unique and one of a kind…you’ve come to the right place!

We are MORE than just Logsets!!


Eiklor Flames West is proud to announce that we are the only company in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area and Northern Arizona to provide F.I.R.E. Certified Inspections for our clientele. Just click the F.I.R.E. Certified Inspector link at the top of the page or click HERE!!

Welcome to EiklorFlamesWest.com

Electronic Ignition System (EIS)

We believe the EIS (Electronic Ignition System) and Fire Feature are one in the same. It doesn’t make sense to have a different trade do the EIS for a Fire Feature they didn’t create. This is where you can run into problems. If you are currently unhappy with the service and install you are receiving from our competitors, we can come in and take over. If you are using Isokern, MasonLite, Fire Rock or any other Masonry fireplace, we will come in to prep and install any electronic ignition system correctly from beginning to finish. We want to always make sure our clients get not only the best Fire Feature, but also the most practical EIS startup with placement for that Fire Feature.

All of our manufactured EIS come with a manufacturer’s warranty. We have a wide variety of EIS options for you! Select anywhere from DC Battery Powered EIS, 120/110V EIS (plug-in or wired), Outdoor Approved AC powered EIS, DC Modulating EIS, MVK Millivolt Integrated systems (standing pilot, Safety Pilot Direct Spark and more on the way! All of our powered EIS systems can be used with a wall switch, remote control or home integrated system and our MVK systems can be used with either remote control or your home wall switch.

Professional Quality Service

When it comes to service, at Eiklor Flames West we believe in Quality over Quantity. Eiklor Flames West currently trains our experienced techs with updated courses provided by NFI (National Fireplace Institute). These courses are important since new and innovative products are always on the rise and our techs will be prepared for it. Eiklor Flames West also does Elite or Concierge services for certain builders clients. EFW also provides maintenance and repair of existing decorative gas appliances. We can make something old and ugly look new and beautiful again. We take extra steps to ensure no future problems will occur by thinking of the “What If’s?” before hand. We then take the measures needed to keep everything running smooth and perfect every time. We want to make sure everything is safe to use, as well as beautiful! Also with our OSHA30 safety manager and F.I.R.E. Certified Inspector Eric Tolbert, we can insure what we do is nothing short of guaranteed perfection. Schedule an appointment with us to know what it’s like to be treated with True Quality Service!

Eiklor Flames West LLC is a proud family owned business creating fire art & providing EFI logsets since 2002.

For more technical information about Eiklor Flames Inc products please click this link. For reference of the AZ Latent Defect Law describing homeowner and contractor relations click this link.


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