Who We Are… 

Eiklor Flames West, LLC. Founded by Steve Eiklor and his wife Lisa Eiklor, Eiklor Flames West (EFW) is an Exclusive Dealer for Eiklor Flames Inc., which was founded by Steve’s brother Scott. While Eiklor Flames West was initially established to sell Eiklor Flames logsets on the West Coast without the middleman, the company has evolved into creating more extreme custom, contemporary and elegant fire features. Each fire feature is tailored to individual homeowners, home builders, architects and designers likings. Exceeding clients’ individual needs and providing top notch customer service is what sets Eiklor Flames West apart from the competition.

Now EFW has gotten even better!! Eiklor Flames West is the only business in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area that can offer a F.I.R.E. Certified Inspector for architect/designer consultations and to perform gas fireplace, chimney, decorative gas appliance, gas furnace/stove/heater and wood burning fireplace/chimney Level II & III inspections. We have also teamed up with some of the best in quality manufacturers for media, accessories, custom firepit frame and prefab burner/fire art needs. We are more than just a logset company, we’re truly a one-stop resource for all of your custom fire feature needs and more.

In providing the best in quality over quantity customer service, EFW is proud to be accessible to their clients throughout the entire process. Always on the job, from the groundbreaking to the last walk through with the homeowner. Eiklor Flames West will work closely with designers, builders and homeowners to find the perfect feature they are looking for. EFW will meet the client at the jobsite or office to review drawings and work one-on-one with them, to ensure that the end product is what the client envisions, and exceeds their expectations. Eiklor Flames West also offers in-home demonstrations to show what the fire feature will look like in your fireplace. EFW was created by Steve and Lisa to showcase the true art that comes with offering a superior product, expert design and installation knowledge and unparalleled customer service. After Steve’s passing, EFW continues Steve’s mission to offer the only true custom gas logs on the market, with a focus on providing custom work for all tastes and styles. 

Always Remembered: Steve Eiklor pictured with his daughter.

Eiklor Flames West offers a unique product from Eiklor Flames Inc., featuring a combination of U.S. made stainless steel burners, logs approved for 2600° high heat transfer, custom fit from 1 foot to 12 feet and the ability to put 5 burners into one log set, which will give flames in areas that no other logset on the market can come close to replicating.  Eiklor Flames West has been in the business of specializing in decorative gas logs and linear burners since 2002. EFW works closely with homeowners, architects, engineers, and interior designers, offering our expertise without obligation. In fact, many architects have already specified Eiklor gas logs in their blueprints. Eiklor Flames West works closely with the gas plumbers and electricians to ensure everything is installed properly for the type of system that is selected. EFW will always try and use the same trade from start to finish. “If you install the burner or gas logset inside a fireplace or fire feature, you should also be the one installing the electronics and knowing when or when not to install a feature indoors. Using different trades to install, service and/or maintain a decorative feature is always a bad idea. In fact, you should always make sure whoever is installing the decorative gas appliance in your fireplace is either licensed or certified to do so! Just because they installed the actual fireplace structure does not mean they are allowed to install what goes inside the fireplace.” says co-owner/F.I.R.E. Certified Inspector/OSHA30 certified Eric Tolbert. 

The future of custom fire features is rapidly growing. Today, more homes have fireplaces than they did just a decade ago. Contemporary styles are also on the rise, along with modern, traditional and rustic looks. Eiklor Flames West, with the vision of the artistically detailed Eric Tolbert, is poised to meet any changes, adapt and innovate for today’s market. EFW has already developed a wide range of stylized burners to stay ahead of current demands. Eiklor Flames is also constantly innovating, testing and patenting new burners, electric valves and accessories. “We always want to stay current and go beyond that, to give our customers something new and unique.” says Eric Tolbert. With top-of-the-line products, quality, attention to detail and personal customer service from the owner(s), Eiklor Flames West delivers for every client, every time! No matter what your needs are, if custom fire features are involved, Eiklor Flames West is the company you want on your team. 

What We Do…

Eiklor Flames West specializes in custom fire features tailored to the client’s vision. We have the largest, most unique and patented options that only our customers can enjoy. While we are much more than just logsets, if it is logsets you want we can customize our logsets to fit any design. Are you looking for a specific look? Eiklor Flames can help you find and ultimately achieve the perfect look you’ve been seeking. Beyond the scope and variety of EFI branded gas logsets, we also cater to all the other eclectic tastes of fire media and design. We carry the largest variety of cannon/fire balls and can customize to match almost any decor. To achieve many of the modern and contemporary looks, we offer a wide variety of fire glass and fire glass type media from the two top quality manufacturers Diamond Fire Glass and American Fire Glass.

Got Fire Art? If you are looking for fire art/sculptures we can help you with that as well. We can create what most fits your vision and style, with plenty of previous works available for you to review online as well as in person, to help in providing a starting point and guidance.  If there is ever anything we can’t do, we will find the best quality trade that can. Eiklor Flames West is always looking out for your best interest in quality, service and safety. 

Where Have I Seen An Eiklor Logset or Fire Feature? 

Eiklor Flames West has done work all across the Continental U.S. Here are a few places you can see our work;

The El Chorro project in Paradise Valley, AZ is a great example of the work that Eiklor Flames West performs. It also showcases the diversity in what EFW can provide you with regarding various sizes and types of fire features. Features such as front view Mombos, see-through Mombos, 7 foot Eiklor Bonfires, 30 inch custom teepee stacks with multiple burners and the most recognizable and popular Eiklor Ultimate 5 Burner gas logsets are just some of the options available to you. With the high-profile nature of this job, Steve Eiklor himself was on the jobsite throughout the entire project, until opening day. As on every project, he wanted to be sure that no detail was left behind. Eiklor Flames West still proudly maintains attention to even the smallest detail for every job they do regardless of size.

Eiklor has been inside the homes of Hollywood and Sports Celebrities in Arizona, California, Nevada, Washington, Illinois and Colorado to name a few. Eiklor Flames gas logs have even appeared in high profile Hollywood Blockbusters such as IronMan 3! You can find EFI in a few notable films, but you have to look quick due to short screen time. Eiklor Flames has also been featured in print/digital publications such as Luxe Magazine.


Here are more places you can find Eiklor Flames at! Some below are shown in gallery above!

At Trilogy at Verde River Golf & Social Club in Verde River, AZ all fire art features and fire pits were done by EFW!

At Dismal River Golf Club in Mullen, Nebraska you can see stunning Eiklor Flames 5 burners and Mombos!

At Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, CA.

At Osprey at Beaver Creek in Colorado Springs, CO.

At San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, CA.

At Ft. Wainwright Community Center, Fort Wainright, AK.

At ALL clubhouses in Desert Mountain, Desert Highlands and Silverleaf in Scottsdale, AZ.

Here is another amazing install by Steve Eiklor featuring a see through MOMBO at a Barnes&Noble in Alaska!

We will periodically be adding more newer images of our completed works in each of our categories on the home page! So be sure to check back and check often! Enjoy this short video of different existing Eiklor logsets and Mombos!